• Welcome to Cimire

Welcome to Cimire

Cimire are experts in the field of digital marketing, but what makes us stand out from the myriad of other options is our specific concentration in online gaming and betting. Unlike other digital marketing agencies that may be stretched too thin trying to grasp the best keywords and conversions, Cimire dedicates themselves to knowing all there is to know in regards to bonus casino gaming and the internet. Our familiarity with this specific sector means we are up-to-date with the ever-changing landscape of online gambling.

It’s at this roadblock that Cimire steps in and helps take your website from obscurity to prominence. We here at Cimire are a dedicated, knowledgeable team who specialize in digital marketing —but not just any digital marketing. We decided our love of gaming and betting should be put to good use, which is why we chose to focus our digital marketing to the online gambling sector. If your website is a provider of games, betting or information revolving around online gaming, you will not find a better equipped agency to handle your digital marketing campaigns.

Competition amongst the online gaming and betting community is fierce —and we’re not just talking about the games themselves. The growth of the online gambling market has more than doubled in size in the past two decades. With such incredible market growth, the influx of providers was a logical next step. The success of online gaming and betting has given players a seemingly endless amount of options as to where to play their favorite games, and while this may be great for the players, it makes the jobs of providers a bit more difficult.

A quick Google search of the term “online gambling” renders over six million results. These kinds of numbers make gamers jump for joy, but leave website owners sighing in defeat. How do you make your website stand out from the literal millions of other options? How do you ensure that people are even able to see your website? If we’re being honest, how many times have you actually clicked to the second page of search results? The truth is, you need your website to stand out amongst its competitors and pop up near the top of your search results, but just because you have a website doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to market yourself digitally.

The team at Cimire has a firm grasp on online gaming trends taking place all over the globe. We also have clear insight into the most successful keywords, topics, and conversions (both macro and micro), and continue to educate ourselves to stay ahead of the curve.

The Advantange of Cimire:

The advantage of using Cimire as your digital marketing agency doesn’t just revolve around keywords and conversions. Gambling has a long, confusing legal history, and the inception of online gambling has not made things any less confusing. There are certain laws and restrictions that gambling websites must adhere to. When you choose Cimire, you’re choosing an agency that is well-versed in the regulations surrounding the advertisement of online gambling. No matter what the platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google etc.) or the market area (United States, United Kingdom, France, etc.) we pride ourselves in staying up-to-date on the latest laws and regulations in online gaming advertisement.

Digital marketing is crucial in our current tech-obsessed world. Without some form of advertising, your website is likely to get lost amongst the millions of others available to gaming enthusiasts. Cimire is dedicated to helping you, and your business, reach its full potential. As gaming enthusiasts ourselves, helping other gamers is a source of pride and joy. There are several facets of digital marketing that go beyond keywords; below we have listed some of the major ways that Cimire can give you a head start on the competition.

One of the most common terms used when discussing digital marketing is Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEM is an umbrella term that is a way for you to get more visibility in search engines. Under the umbrella of SEM is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC). Both of these advertising methods will be beneficial to your online success.

Cimire and SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing

  • SEO has been deemed a more “organic” way of increasing traffic to your website. SEO is when you make your website a more viable option for search engines. You may think that this just means using a lot of appropriate and timely keywords, but SEO goes far beyond using the same words over and over again. SEO also includes things such as titles, page content, permanent link structures, internal link structures —basically the makeup of your whole website needs to be high quality. The experts at Cimire understand what is needed to make your website the most appealing to search engines.
  • PPC is a less organic route of online marketing. The concept behind PPC is basic. You pay money to have your advertisements show up above or below the organic search engine results. But, it’s not always as simple as paying money and putting up an ad. Certain ads can take precedence over others depending on their quality score. Cimire can not only set up your very own PPC advertisements to help your website gain traffic, but we can also curate advertisements that will garner a top notch quality score.

Digital marketing isn’t just restricted to search engines. Social media plays a huge role in creating an audience and following. Our agency has special experience in crafting successful social media campaigns using free play mobiel casino games and other free play social games. Getting players excited to visit your website is a foundational step in growing your online gaming business.

Standing out in a crowd of millions is no simple feat. Gaining visibility in the online world takes a certain type of savvy. The Cimire team has that certain savvy. The only thing greater than our devotion is our enthusiasm. Our love of online gaming and our prowess in the world of digital marketing is a combination that will be beneficial to you and your online business.  Get in contact with our team today!